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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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We are Rising

A great awakening has begun. Humans all over the world are remembering their truth and reclaiming their divine power. We are each being called to walk our highest path and share our light, gifts and medicine. The world needs what only you can offer. Are you ready to rise?


Starfire is a revolutionary and High Priestess of the Anima Sol Alchemy lineage who is dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity and our planet. She serves the world by sharing her gifts as a space holder, alchemical business coach and multidimensional marketing mentor.

A master of integration, Starfire weaves her business background, intuitive nature and deep connection to the divine within and without to tap into the limitless potential of the universe as a sacred creator. Starfire supports seekers, light leaders and soul-based entrepreneurs in finding the balance between being and doing to co-create a life aligned to one’s highest potential and sharing their most authentic self expression.



Transmute limiting beliefs into power to shift your business into greater alignment with your highest truth. Step even more fully into your potential as a sacred creator ...
Alchemical Business 1:1 Coaching